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Organic Rose Otto Water

Organic Rose Otto Water

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Pure Organic Rose Otto water is the water that if left after the distillation process , the process in which essential oils are produced. 

Use as a toner, room spray, linen spray or to remove make up.

A 100% natural product which is vegan friendly, plant-based, free from preservatives, parabens and chemical additives, and cruelty free. This soothing, Certified Organic, Rose Water Hydrolat, smells divine and can help calm down red and inflamed skin.

Rose Otto Water makes an excellent linen spray or can be added to a soothing hot bath. Floral waters can be used on their own as natural skin toners or in creams, lotions and facial masks for extra nourishing skincare and fragrant skin.

Rose Water has been a popular choice in cosmetics for thousands of years. The ancient Persians used it in their food, the Romans believed it had healing powers and during the Renaissance and Middle Ages it was used to bathe in, wash hands before a feast and even as a treatment for depression.

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